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Caspian Hair colour
Caspian hair colour in 102 different colour shades are being produced with high quality and advanced technology by Casra Co. in Anzali free zone under the license of HSA Co. Italy.

This product is provided for consumers with “Shine with Caspian” as its slogan in order to improve their self-confidence and remind them that the beauty is all human beings’ right.
Italy HSA Company
HSA Company was founded in Italy in 1982. This Company is one of the pioneers in the beauty, hair and skin care fields with the highest possible quality in Europe.
Casra Company
Casra factory was inaugurated in Anzali Industrial City No. 2. in July 2018. The total area of this factory is 6000 square meters, and its built-up area is 3800 square meters.
The Casra factory has been producing Hair colour, Oxidant cream, and bleaching powder with high tech production units in the second half of the year 2020.

Casra Co.
3rd west street-Talash square-industrial city No.2- Anzali free zone
4313159966:Post code
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